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Stories & Songs: A Songwriter’s Series from Nashville

October 12, 2017 @ 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm CDT


Tickets: $20 (Call  251-367-4599 to reserve)

The Listening Room is proud to present “Stories & Songs: a Songwriter’s Series from Nashville.”

The night of storytelling through music will feature the music of Eric Erdman, Abe Partridge, and Josh Ewing.

Eric Erdman is a storyteller with a life that gives him stories to write songs about. His guitar takes him around the world and he can write four songs from one break up. His lyrics are introspective but fun, quirky but accessible, profound and palatable, and they draw listeners in like old friends. With a voice that sounds like JJ Grey and James Taylor, Eric’s career began as the lead singer of the funk rock band, The Ugli Stick. They released four albums, toured the country, and performed on three USO tours. In 2012, Erdman recorded his fist solo album, My Brother’s Keepers, that showed his true essence as a songwriter and performer. He followed that up with Color the Silence, recorded in Australia. A successful Kickstarter campaign funded his new album, Not Slowing Down, that was recorded in Muscle Shoals with eclectic songs that are a mix of 70’s funk, pop rock ballads, and a reggae murder mystery.

“To me, being a true artist is being a tracker. You hunt for that next spark that electrifies or inspires you and then you genuinely listen to see where it is going. I wouldn’t say it is leading you per se, but it will tell you where it is headed. It is then up to you to catch up…. So I search for those sparks every day, in every situation…whether it be serious, sad, happy, or funky. And when I find one that lights me up….the chase is on. It is this chase that keeps me from slowing down.”

To find out more about Eric Erdman, visit: http://www.ericerdmanmusic.com


Abe Partridge has perceived life through a unique combination of experiences. He left home at 18 to pursue a theological education. On the way, he became a landscaper in South Alabama, a roofer in East Tennessee,and a day-laborer in northwest Georgia until finally accepting a pastorate in Appalachia Kentucky at the young age of 25. After 2 years of gut wrenching labor,and a near nervous breakdown, he left the pastorate and returned to Mobile with his wife, kids, and everything he owned in a U-Haul truck. He joined the Air Force and spent the better part of 2013 – 2014 deployed in the Middle East in support of Operation: Iraqi Freedom, and Operation: Enduring Freedom.

Now in his well seasoned mid 30s, he has been broke, bent, cheated, damaged, and nearly died on at least two occasions. He has witnessed births, deaths, homecomings, baptisms, marriages, and funerals; he carried a guitar all along the way, writing songs at every turn.

Prior to October 2015, few people had heard these songs outside of his family, friends, and the patrons of some lonely bar on an open mic night. That’s when Abe entered the Gulf Coast Songwriter Shootout. His reception throughout the event was increasingly motivating. He advanced to the finals, becoming a crowd favorite. He realized that his lyrical delivery is capable of captivating audiences while transporting them through the narrations of his folk tales. Accordingly, born was the dream of making an album, and providing an outlet through which his songs may be shared with the world.

In December 2015, he headed to Nashville to record his first album, White Trash Lipstick. He has hit the gulf coast music scene hard, playing for numerous songwriting events, house concerts, bars, etc… He is beginning to book shows further out, and hopes to cover the southeast over the next year.

He also fronts an original rock n roll band, Abe Partridge & the Psychedelic Peacocks. They play regularly and have recorded an EP that they plan on releasing in the fall. The band has been described as “holy ghost tent revival meets carnival sideshow”. A show you will definitely want to catch!

Abe Partridge performs his songs like an old fashioned preacher gone mad and with all the soul he can muster. He is a poet, not afraid to tackle any subject. The songs are not some attempt at radio play, or pop music stardom – rather somber stories, with a burning message that demand an honest hearing.

To learn more about Abe Partridge, visit: http://www.abepartridge.com


Josh Ewing is a local musician who was formerly the lead singer for local favorite, Top of the Orange.  You can often find him performing and collaborating with other local musicians, or doing a stellar solo performance.  Don’t miss your opportunity to see him perform!


October 12, 2017
7:00 pm - 10:00 pm


Jim Pennington
(251) 367-4599


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